Something of a poet I have decided to publish a selection of my poetry. I've been told I'm reasonably skilled at the artform and hope that you find something in this collection that speaks to you on some level.
Title Description
1999 The Skies of Ealdormere Wept Today Duke Sir Thorbjorn Osis was killed in a terrible car accident on his way home from Pennsic War where he had been War King. His funeral was attended by a very large crowd of people, so many that some had to stand outside in the rain. Osis was present at my very first SCA fight practice. He was our King and we all wept that day... even the skies.
2000 I am Sick What it means to have a debilitating illness.
2002 Faith All Gods are ONE. All faiths are looking to the same place.
2002 Vaudville Life is a show... a nasty violent thing show, but a show none the less.
2002 Kitty Cat A whimsicle inspiration I had while "Lil' Girl" was sitting in the window on a winter's day.
2004 Return to the Goddess Seeking comfort during bad times.
2006 Share's Requium In September 2006 I had to make the decision to put down my close friend Share. She had been a great partner to me during my surgeries and brushing her for hours on end was a major part of my rehabilitation after my shoulder arthroplasties. Though partners in pain (she was very arthritic) hers became so bad that there was nothing more we could do but let her go. I still find myself missing her.
2008 My Love the Goddess A love poem to the Goddess and the dream of Her in an Astral place I know well.
2008 Morphine I've had to use this drug for a long time now due to my pain issues. Morphine may help me cope with the pain, but it is by no means my friend.
2008 Wonder A quick few verses in response to a friend who feels his life is without any.
2009 Goodbye for Now I lost my dear cat Astarte far too early and rather suddenly. She'd been there with me through some of the lonliest times of my life and was one of the few bright lights in what has been a very difficult time. When I first had my surgeries she would even lay on her back in my sling and look up at me with unconditional love. This is written for her.