Goodbye for Now

May 2009
My cat Astarte died at 6:28pm on May 18, 2009

I lost my closest friend today
It was her time to depart
But as her soul was swept away
It tore a piece out of my heart

In sympathy it began to rain
As grief cried to the sky above
Now all that's left are tears and pain
And the shell that held so much love.

Though I know that she will play
In the fields surrounding Freya's Hall
I will miss her every day
'Till I myself hear Odin's call.

She'll visit me, from time to time
A spirit in the moonlit night
And share a dream, from time to time
As she did when still alight.

And perhaps I will, in coming years
Down to a tiny kitten bend
To pick her up with flowing tears
And see within her eyes, my friend.

Happy together again we'll be
Until the time comes yet again
That pen and paper once more see
"Today I lost my closest friend."

Until we meet again my little one...