I have written a number of academic papers over the years. Some of them were part of my university degree while others were written for information purposes independant of the academic environment. I have included some of the essays I've written as part of my degree in Religions and Cultures because I think that they may be of interest to those who follow and understand my work. Though written under strict time constraints I think that they warrent inclusion here though part of me would love to re-write some of them.

The Hidden Light Papers were published in The Hidden Light in the year 2000-2001. The University Papers were written between 2002 and 2006. Recent work is after this period. All articles are in PDF.

Title Description
The Hidden Light Papers
ocCULTism This paper was written for The Hidden Light a small occult trade journal. It outlines ways that one can distinguish 'a cult' vs 'occult'.
Wotton, Greg. “ocCULTism.” The Hidden Light, Summer 2001, Vol 5, Num 2, pg15-18
The Art of Refinement After listening to a number of lectures on the nature of the universe I felt compelled to write a short article on refinement. The world is not perfect, it is perfect for refining. Again written for The Hidden Light it poses the theory that, as occultists and magicians it is our duty to become the role models for the rest of the world. We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard and, in so doing, help raise those around us as well.
Wotton, Greg. “The Art of Refinement.” The Hidden Light, Autumn 2000, Vol 4, Num 3. pg9-11
Every Man and Every Woman is a Star Another paper published in The Hidden Light this one disusses how we can look at esoteric sociology from the perspective of astrophysics.
Wotton, Greg. “Every Man and Every Woman is a Star.” The Hidden Light, Winter 2000, Vol 4, Num 4.
The University Papers
Same-Sex Marriage A discussion of what the Bible ACTUALLY has to say on the subject of same sex marriage. c.2002
Exploring the Torah This is a presentation rendered to PDF (it's about 600K) which outlines the difficulties involved in working with raw translations of the Bible. I include exegesis and straight translations in order to explore the complexity of translating just a single word within Gen 6:16. I don't have the lecture notes anymore but hopefully this file will be of interest on its own.
Many Names -- One God Part of my primary thesis on the nature of naming the Divine this essay outlines some of the major concepts which I have been developing for a long time.
Engaging God Another exposition on my major thesis, this one using the basic I-THOU paradigm as expounded by Martin Buber in I and Thou
Suffering:A Thelemic Perspective In this paper I explore the themes of suffering (something with which I am intimately acquainted) from the perspective of The Book of the Law and other Thelemic writings.
Stereotypes vs Biblical Role Models One of a number of papers addressing religion and feminism. It is my general thesis in these papers that the misogynous readings of Torah and other religious texts may be mislead and are often based on only partial understanding of the primary texts.
Christian use of Torah to Justify Female Subjugation Similar in purpose to the previous paper, this one specifically examines creation in the early portions of Genesis
Women Clergy in Modern Western Mystery Religions This paper attacks the Feminist approach to religion as a whole by pointing out that much of what they find offensive is Christocentric in the first place. By looking outside of the Christian 'box' one can see that women have very specific roles in spiritual and religious traditions. I will say that I had the pleasure of speaking with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowiki on the telephone as part of my research for this paper.
Isidi Invicte An examination of the Pre-Christian Isiac religion (worship of Isis). This paper can be seen as part of my continued thesis concerning Feminism as, once again, I explore a religion which is not hampered or tied down by Christocentric misogyny.