The worlds of Science Fiction open new and wonderful worlds to the imagination of the reader. I love science fiction in a variety of genres from the classics of Heinlein and Asimov through Star Wars, Stargate, Babylon 5 and Star Trek. Here is a selection of my work in this field.

Title Description
2001 USS Vargas The project outline of a new ship set in the Star Trek universe. This was being done for a sim which involved me even creating a 3D ship and an opening animation sequence.
2002 The Lights of Garel Like many of my science fiction works this is a) unfinished and b) based almost entirely on a dream. I often have such complete dreams. The rescue was particularly vivid and I was able to write it down almost immediately upon waking.
2002 The New Frontier A script for the Star Trek: TNG episode they never wanted you to see.
2008 Rescuing Heather Again, a fully formed story that was dreamt one night. I tried to cover off the important parts while they were still fresh in my mind. One day I think this story may be worth completing. The characters in the story are all based on people I know/knew, in fact they were those people in my dream. "Heather" is in fact a girl I had a huge crush on throughout grade school. It's odd that a version of her pops up in dreams but I'm certain that there's some interpretive psychology there that's beyond me at this time. LOL.