TJ-Greg Draft 1

Draft of a piece we played to honour the Old Man at his funeral.
TJ Mood on guitar. Greg Wotton on flute.
Produced by Greg Wotton in Mixcraft Pro 6.
Rest easy, a rest deserved.

Lay aside the burdens you valiantly took up
Not for yourself, but for others.
To be strong for the weak,
To Serve and Protect,
To walk where others fear to tread.

You brought kindness into the world
And and made it your legacy.
And showed us that love
Is without limits.
That family is
Without bounds.

Rest easy Old Man
Your work is done.
We carry on, but not alone
For you reside always
In each heart you touched.

Thank You.

Metal Type Music

Metal 6 @ 120, Edited Drums

Experimenting with clean guitar recording and post effects. Recorded at 100 and sped to 120. It sounds much better than I expected.

Metal Experiment 5

Multitrack experiments under Mixcraft 4. Effects are in-line during recording.

Time Will Tell (Early Draft)

One of my first projects using digital mixing was to re-create an old tune I wrote in highschool. The effects are all in-line, which is why it's not as crisp as the other projects. It has a "low-production" feel though that isn't terrible. I play all guitars, bass, vocals. Drums are loops.



Old song from the 90's. Wanted to see how it sounded. Probably needs another vocal take... one day...

Split the Vale (acapella)

This is the piece that won the 2012 Wic-Can Fest Bardic Competition. Lyrics

Electronic Type Music

Dub Try 1

Attempts at DubStep but I think it just sounds like VNV Nation...

Electronica 3

One of my better attempts at Electronica. My stepson was particularly fond of this when I made it.

What You Want?

Using the sequencer to create original keyboard riffs... entered via mouse... I really need a MIDI keyboard one of these days...

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